Monday, March 11, 2013

Sexy and I know it?

I've got a little confession to make... I've never been comfortable being called "beautiful" or "sexy."  "Cute" or "pretty"-sure. "Nice"- definitely! But "beautiful" and "sexy" don't really do me justice.

Chalk it up to low self-esteem as a child (I went through a LOOOOONNNNGGG awkward stage). This causes me to pretty much sabotage any compliments about my looks. Needless to say, this has led to some hilarious and interesting conversations between D (my wonderful significant other) and I.

Case in point:

The other night I was bending down to grab something in the cupboard.
D pulls me in his arms and whispers in my ear "I think it is really hot that you aren't wearing any underwear."

I chuckle... "Thanks! But I must confess something...."

See, I don't mean to come off as sexy. By no means am I anti-undergarmets (I had one friend in college who swore that nothing would get in-between her and her jeans!)

I broke it to him as gently as I could:

"Usually when I go commando it's because I'm too lazy to fold/put away/ or throw my laundry in with the kids' clothes."

SILENCE. Followed by out-right laughter (this man swears he loves my quirky-ness!)


"Yup. That and every time my mom comes over, she insists on folding my laundry and usually throws away a pair that she has deemed too old and raggedy."

So now you know my horrible secret: I am unintentionally sexy!

ps- Please do not let my mother read this- she would be horrified!

Kudos to for erasing the bags under my eyes and blurring the photo so you can't see my wrinkles!

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