Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Modesty patrol...

WARNING: This is slightly tongue-in-cheek, and mostly me wrestling with my own thoughts and beliefs. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone. I just need to get this off my chest so I can focus on my work instead of this topic ;-)

The other day a friend had "liked" a this picture:
She had made the comment that "modesty is always stylish," which I whole-heartedly agree with. I am a pretty modest dresser. I learned a long time ago that clothes that fit you well cover the lumps and bumps the best! Nobody wants to see the dimples on my thighs anyway. Not to mention, having been blessed with a perfect pear shape, it takes A LOT of skin to show of my cleavage....

My issue is with the picture admonishing women to essentially make sure that they are not tempting other women's husbands.  I'm sorry, but shouldn't we be encouraging our men to act like good men, and have some self-control?!

One commenter on the original post claimed that "men are hard-wired differently than women," suggesting that men can't help that they are tempted by a well-shaped butt, leg, flash of cleavage, clingy dress, well-turned ankle... Apparently when men see this, they are "hard-wired" to start lusting away, no matter what their spiritual, marital, or relationship status is.   Boy, that must suck!

To be fair to men, I must admit, there are a few things that make me smile, sometimes in a naughty way... Exhibit A:  Men in uniform
Be it military, police, or fire-fighter, I dig a man in uniform!


Exhibit B: A man wearing a sharp suit (I think the caption on this image sums it up pretty well).

So, in conclusion, I think that in order to protect our men, and help our men protect us from lusting as well, I suggest we ALL start wearing this:
Problem solved.

*Reminder: I am not really suggesting this. But I do encourage women to focus more on encouraging their men to be Godly, respectful, and self-controlling men rather than finding fault with how a woman dresses.

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  1. I'm all for someone dressing modestly if that's what they want to do, but then again I'm also all for them dressing like a rainbow coloured unicorn if that's what floats their boat. But the idea that a woman's clothes, or lack thereof, could in any way be held responsible for a man's behaviour is both ridiculous and offensive. Good on you for pointing it out.