Bits of info about me

A good friend read my blog and suggested I write an introductory blog or add an "About Me" page.

So here we go:

I teach high school English somewhere in the western part of our country.  I am married, have two kids, although I often count my hubby as my third child. I have two dogs. And that's it!

Why am I writing a blog?  Well, I often tell/make my students write. I felt like a little bit of a hypocrite that I don't write. In fact, I don't think I really written, well, since college.  I have all of these ideas, stories, and other randomness screaming to be let out of my head. My good friend is a blogger, so I thought, hmm.... guess I'll give it a try. So here I am.

Originally I was going to blog about education and related topics only. But recently I changed my mind. I am more than a teacher, I'm a mother, a wife, and someone who has made enough rash decisions to fill a book. I've usually learned from my decisions, they have shaped me into the person I've become. I want to share ALL of my stories, my passions, and sometimes my failures.  I hope you enjoy these ramblings.