Saturday, February 9, 2013

Knittin' time

I don't have a lot of spare time and what little time I have is usually spent cleaning, hanging out with D, or perusing Pinterest. I did however, make time to knit up a hat for one of my co-worker's new baby. My friend and her husband both graduated from WSU, hence the request for a baby hat in her Alma Matter colors. The result: a cute beanie with some girly flair.
Go Cougs!
 I now have orders for another hat just like this one, and a "Udub" (University of Washington) hat!  Guess I better go get some more yarn...

On another note, have I mentioned how incredibly happy I am? It truly is amazing to be in a relationship with a man who respects, cherishes, and loves you. I finally understand my friends who say their husband is their best friend. God is good and has blessed me with D. Now if he would only put a ring on my finger instead of just talkin' about it! ;-)

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