Thursday, January 5, 2012

They're NOT resolutions!

I hate resolutions.  That's why I have New Year's Goals.

They are different. I swear! Resolutions are meant to be broken. Goals can be reached.

Last year my goal was to walk/run Bloomsday, a 10k in my hometown.  I did it! And then was out of commission for the next few months with a horrible shin splint. Turns out I didn't start training soon enough.

This year's goals:

*Run at least 1/2 of Bloomsday, if not more.

*Read 100 books in 2012 (not including ones I've read because I teach them every year- that's cheating!)

*Get down to a healthy weight.  I'm more than a little chubby- I should be about ready to give birth based on my weight. BUT...I'm not.... sigh....

Part of my whole weight loss involves the 8 week challenge I saw over on Six Sisters' Stuff.  My mom and I are doing the challenge. So far we both have struggled with the candy/sugary stuff... Darn students bringing my a candy bar 'cause I looked like I "could use some chocolate."

And that's about it for goals. How about you? Any goals you are aiming for?

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