Saturday, January 7, 2012

Favorite Apron Tutorial

Favorite Apron: I used my favorite apron as a pattern for this apron (a Christmas gift for my M.I.L.). The original apron came Williams Sonoma circa 2001.

1 1/2* yards of fabric. (1 yrd of fabric for body of apron, 1/2 yrd for trim in coordinating fabric * I bought a yard of this so I could use extra on another apron I was making)
2 packages of 1/4" wide double fold bias tape

Cut it out!
I folded my apron in half, right sides together.  I then folded the leaf pattern fabric in half. Line up the folds, then trace the outline, adding about 1/4" to 1/2" (if you want to hem the edges instead of using the bias tape). Or you can make your own pattern based on these measurements: 
*Change it up*  My MIL is much taller than me, so I ended cutting the body to 31" long. If you plan on have having the top and bottom of the apron be made out of different fabric, cut the body to about 28". When you sew the top and bottom sections to the body, your total length should be around 34". Play around with the measurements so the apron fits your body!

Cut one strip of trim fabric to 6" x 6". This is the top piece.
Cut one strip of fabric to 6" x 12". This will be your bottom trim.

Neck and waist ties: Cut 3 strips 4" x width of fabric. (I used whatever left-over fabric I had, which is why my neck ties are different from my waist ties.

Pocket: 6" x 12" of trim fabric.

Sew it up!
1. Fold the 6"x6" trim fabric WRONG side together.  Pin to WRONG side of apron body. Stitch together. Press trim fabric upward, pressing seam toward apron. (Sounds weird but you will enclose the seam in the bias tape). 

2. Apply double fold bias tape to seam.  When top stitching, make sure you sew through both fabrics.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the bottom trim fabric.

4.Fold one of the tie strips in half  lengthwise, RIGHT sides together.  Stitch to create a tube. Turn right side out.
5.  Repeat with remaining two strips of fabric.

6.Fold one tube in half width-wise and cut in half. These are your two neck straps (depending oh how long you like your straps, you may want to trim off a few inches). Apply double fold bias tape to one end of each strap.

7. Find center of apron.  Measure out 3" from center and pin strap and apron edges together.  Repeat for other strap. Baste 1/4" from edge.

8. Apply double fold bias tape to one side of each of your waist ties.

9. Pin and baste raw edges to each side of apron.

10. Apply double fold bias tape to all sides of apron.

11. Press ties out and top stitch, close to outer edge of tape through all thickness.

12. Pocket: Fold fabric in half width wise, WRONG sides together, forming a 6" x 6" square.  Apply double fold bias tape around all edges. 

13. Place pocket on one side of apron near waist.  Top stitch to apron along sides and bottom of pocket.

Sorry I don't have more pictures. It turned out way cuter than I expected!

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