Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What a week and then some

In the last week  and half I have:
1. Clogged the pump on my washing machine (oversized pillows DO NOT do well in top-load washers!) The repairman was very nice about it and reminded me to only fill my washer 2/3rds full, even if I do have two kids and a messy husband.
2. Replaced the hardrive in my laptop (good-bye 3 years of pictures, resumes, lesson plans, etc).
3. Spent the weekend at The Gorge Ampitheater (in George, WA) listening/watching awesome bands at the Dave Matthews Band caravan tour. THANK YOU to my sister who went with me and gave me the tickets for my 30th birthday present!
4. Become the proud owner of a serger! My grandma doesn't sew clothing anymore so she passed along her old serger. I need to take it to the shop before I can use it. Can't remember what Grandma said was wrong because all I could hear was "you can have my serger!"
5.Sent off my children to school. Today, Day2 for them, J's teacher called because he couldn't keep his hands to himself and was rolling/wrestling with another boy on the carpet. Sigh... I never had any of these problems with E last year. Good thing I warned his teacher that he was nothing like his sister.

And that's about it. I think I'm ready for summer vacation again.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. I can totally understand your pain in terms of loosing your hard drive. I spilled a wine cooler on my laptop while baking cookies last Christmas. Good-bye most of Munchkin's baby pictures. Lesson learned: back up everything.