Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rash decision #543

One of my goals this summer is to get in shape and try to slim back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (yes, my baby is almost 5- I don't want to talk about!)  So I decided that during the summer the kids and I were going to walk to do some or our errands, including walking to the library.  I've been trying to prepare my kids:  "It will be fun! You will get to carry your own bags! We can go to the park afterward if you are good!" 

The walk there was pretty uneventful.  J complained a little. E suggested we use backpacks instead of the bags they got from school. The kids were very quiet in the library (trying not to judge the poor mother with the screaming 3 year old) and picked out their books, cd's, and one movie.  It was park time!

As we walked outside, E noticed the looming gray cloud. My suggestion to walk home and play at the park another  day was met with vehement cries.  So, I unwisely relented.  Twenty minutes later I told my kids it was time to go. Twenty-one minutes later it started to rain.

The other mothers and I huddled under a tree with our kids. The conversations were along these lines: Is it going to stop? It's only sprinkling...sort of...  E- please stop whining. It's only water! Well, you should have grabbed your jacket when I told you to!

After a few minutes it looked like it was letting up. The sun was even peeking through a few of the clouds. I gathered my grumbling children and we started walking across the park.  We had just reached the road when the sky opened up and made a mockery of my attempt to have an enjoyable, puddle-splashing walk home.

The kids and I scurried under a large tree.  After a minute or two I listened to that inner voice that had been jeering at me minutes earlier.  I gave in.   I called my sister to come pick up my water-logged kids and me. Thank goodness she is on vacation this week!

Moral of the story: Carry an umbrella, even when the sky is clear.  Librarians don't take too kindly to water damage.

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