Sunday, June 12, 2011

A more welcome gift than chocolate...

As the year wrapped up I was definitely tired, worn out, and and cranky. It happens. I groused about students who suckered me into to taking one more late assignment to boost their grades, the Seniors who checked out back in May, and the Freshmen who suddenly forgot where the turn-in box is located and claim that they "didn't know it was due two weeks ago!"  I ate a lot of chocolate to sooth my temper (and consequently gained a few more pounds!) I shook my head and wondered if I would survive the end of the year. But then in the same day I received two thank you notes- one from a student and one from a parent thanking me not for teaching a skill or information, but for encouraging, listening, and showing compassion. 

It gladdened my heart (as cliche as that sounds).  This is one of the reasons I teach. To be there for my students, in whatever way I can, when they need it the most.

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